Example rules for your trading ideas

A feature of Coinrule that we are particularly proud of is its versatility that allows many different types of investors and traders to use the platform. Here you will find some examples of rules that you can set up with Coinrule.

Using our Demo Exchange option, you can test your rules without putting your capital at risk: we will provide a virtual allocation for you to run your strategies.

One of the main rules any trader should follow is to have safety thresholds in place in case the market goes against you. Often, the decision to close a trade with a small loss can be a big advantage compared to keeping bags of coins with declining value in your portfolio.

You can consider this “avoided loss” as the gain that you will reinvest in your next trade!

You can easily accumulate your favorite coins via Coinrule. All you have to define are the conditions at which you would like to buy. Coinrule will wait for those conditions to appear before executing your buy orders.

Think long term, often it is better to buy over a longer period of time instead of FOMO-buying during a strong upward price move.

Instead of accumulating a coin across multiple orders, maybe you just want to wait for a breakout to happen. When the price attempts to surpass a certain level for a long time without success, it means that selling pressure is firm (and, from another perspective, buyers are not sufficiently convinced).

The new trend that starts from a long term resistance being finally breached can be very powerful. Coinrule make it easy to catch that opportunity.

At other times it’s not so easy to identify the price level that must be breached to start a new uptrend. One way to try to set up a trend following strategy in this situation is to define a percentage price surge that you consider to be the accurate indicator of the start of a sustainable uptrend.

To enter into a trade on a significant price surge already in place is quite risky because the FOMO trap is always a great concern to take into account. On the other hand, in some situations, the trend that begins following that breakout is so strong that there is still sufficient opportunity to benefit from it.

Consider that “missed gain” as the cost of entering the trade with greater confidence into the underlying strength of the trend.

After breaking upward the “bull pennant” pattern, BNBBTC price spikes around 60% in only few weeks

Altcoins are highly correlated with Bitcoin, that means that Bitcoin’s trend determines their short term moves significantly. If you take appropriate actions considering this aspect, that can provide excellent opportunities for new trades and at the same time can offer protection from downturns that can profoundly affect your bags of coins.

For example, if you would have sold at least part of your altcoins bags when Bitcoin broke the 6000 USD support mark in November, you would have protected your capital, and you would find yourself able to reinvest it in a new position in a new phase of accumulation.

Coinrule flexibility allows you to decide the specific coins you want to sell or buy depending on how the price of Bitcoin will move, or, for example, you can just sell those that are performing better (or worse) at that moment.

Of course, you can select any available coin in the condition, that will add even more versatility to your strategy. You have full control of your rule.

These are some samples of the potentials Coinrule can offer you.
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Trade safe!

The most promising Cryptocurrencies in 2019

The year that just ended turned out to be very tumultuous for all those that invested in cryptocurrencies as most of the assets experienced losses between 80 to 95% from their all-time highs.

That was a harsh lesson for newbie investors looking for easy gains, forcing a high number of them to leave the market as they were not able to carry any further losses.

However, what happened to the cryptocurrencies’ parabolic rise and fall in 2018 is no different to what many other assets in financial markets previously experienced: a rapid price appreciation, inflating a bubble, which when it bursts, has effects on all the companies involved.

In times of price depression, great opportunities arise for those that can select those projects with better potential and more solid value proposition. What follows is my selection of cryptocurrency tokens and coins that I see to have the potentials to be very successful in 2019.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Cryptocurrency trading tools made simple

Binance is unquestionably the number one crypto exchange in the World according to many metrics. Apart from recording the highest traded volume (30 days volume according to Coinmarketcap), Binance is positioned as one of the most innovative and transparent ventures in the crypto-space. Their goal is not only to act as an exchange for tokens and coins but to become a real catalyst for the development of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and work for its global adoption.

The creation of Binance Labs designed to fund and support new startups, Binance Academy promoting an in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology, Binance Research providing high-quality analysis and reports and Binance Charity Foundation are all side-projects but will contribute to a significant strategic advantage against competitors as wider adoption of cryptocurrencies continues.

The Catalyst

In early 2019, Binance will be the first “centralized” exchange to switch its operation to a fully decentralized system, featuring high-performance trade execution made possible by a 1-second transaction confirmation time.

The BNB token has played a central part in the success of the company (incentivizing competitions and encouraging the holding of the tokens to obtain discounts on transaction fees) with a very solid tokenomics and it will soon play an even more relevant role in the operations of the exchange.

Chainlink (LINK)

Coinrule makes cryptocurrency trading tools

One of the biggest challenges for Cryptocurrencies and, in general for Blockchain technology, is the lack of everyday application in real-world use cases and the currently minimal connection between the “real” and the “crypto” world.

Among the projects most likely to solve this soon is Chainlink, which is a “smart-contract oracle” for decentralized applications. An oracle is a data validator that checks whether data entered into a Blockchain is correct. Blockchains alone can only validate data that is already “on-chain”, meaning events that have happened on the Blockchain. This is, in turn, a significant drag on the implementation of new features and developments linking Blockchains to real-world use cases.

Simply put, the value proposition of many smart contracts based Blockchains is to radically improve the efficiency in establishing agreements between two or more companies thanks to the tamper-proof nature of Blockchains.

In reality, this currently often fails because companies operate in the “real world” and most agreements involve ‘off-chain’ data such as money transfers (e.g., through the SEPA system), product production data, deliveries of physical goods, inflation data, and so on. In contrast to ‘on-chain’ data, such ‘off-chain’ data is not tamper-proof and could be manipulated, thus undermining Blockchain’s central value proposition. To address this, Blockchains need some sort of third-party data feed (the oracle) to import external data and trigger smart contract executions.

Chainlink allows decentralized applications, also known as dApps, to interact with “real-world” data and run transactions through third-party APIs. Chainlink solves the problem thanks to API connections to all the data with which decentralized applications interact via the Chainlink Smart Contracts, finally opening the possibility of developing hybrid systems of Blockchain-based architectures actively interacting with events happening in the “real world”. But there is even more to add on the potential of Chainlink.

The project aims not only to connect Blockchains to the real world but it will also provide an interoperability solution for the crypto world, ‘linking’ different blockchains to each other that otherwise wouldn’t be able to interact with one another. To give an example, just imagine the benefits for all of the crypto industry if the Ethereum and Bitcoin chains could exchange data with one another in a safe, secure and decentralized way.

The Catalyst

The Chainlink mainnet was expected to be launched in late 2018, and a big announcement is expected soon about the new launch date. When this big step is undertaken, it will provide additional value and will attract more investors. To be noted, the price of the token posted a tremendous performance in the recent months, marking new all-time highs in BTC terms, something that is not easy to be found during a Bear Market.

Furthermore, the company has a long history of establishing partnerships with solid API providers and very likely, this trend will continue to increase the number of possible future use cases.


Coinrule makes cryptocurrency trading tools

Another broad critique for Cryptocurrencies in 2018 has been the shortage of progress delivered by development teams. On the other hand, the Waves team raised $16 mln in 2016 (long before the 2017 Great ICO-Hype) and successfully delivered a fully working a decentralized exchange in 2017 and kept adding features since then.

Other than a DEX with multiple crypto and FIAT gateways, Waves is a fast and scalable Blockchain allowing cheap transactions, permitting a smooth deployment of personalized tokens in a matter of minutes, an efficient staking system based on hundreds of Nodes and tens of Pools, Multi-sig wallets and recently introduced Smart Accounts and Smart Assets onto its Mainnet.

Especially the activation of Smart Assets is significant as they feature scripts that will make asset freezing possible, allow whitelisting/blacklisting specific addresses to implement controls and restrictions to the asset transfers, taxation and controlling asset pairs so that tokens will be traded only against selected currencies. While a lot of this goes against the core ethos of decentralized and censorship-resistant public blockchains, Waves positioning is aimed at Business use-cases that require full and out-of-the-box regulatory compliance.

Waves positions itself as a comprehensive crypto-ecosystem backed by a structured and skilled company behind it. Everything in Waves is manageable through a Desktop App, Online Client, Mobile App, and a Chrome Extension, demonstrating a focus on user experience design that is rare in the current cryptocurrency world.

The Catalyst

The Waves team announced the launch of Tokenomica, a platform aiming to radically simplify the issuing of Security Tokens. This has been a “hot topic” lately and will be more and more important as players such as private companies, institutions and investments funds will finally have the tools they need to move to a real tokenization of their assets.

The first important implication will be the opportunity of running a global Regulated Token Offer complying with local regulations and being able to apply all the necessary restrictions required to the asset. This will likely not only be a significant milestone for the Waves Roadmap but for the broad crypto ecosystem in general.

Furthermore, Waves has secured a $120 mln funding round for the development of Vostok. Vostok will allow the creation of private permission-based Blockchains based on the fast and reliable Waves-NG protocol and will represent the perfect enterprise-oriented tool enabling companies to fully benefit from the security and privacy of Blockchain technology.

According to the developing team, this new development will mark a significant step towards WEB 3.0, where new internet-based technologies will shape and enhance new forms of Businesses.

Enigma (ENG)

Coinrule makes cryptocurrency trading tools

Privacy has been a central theme since the beginning of the Blockchain Era. Nonetheless, few are the projects that can truly provide a real degree of secrecy for transactions. Leading “privacy” focused projects such as Monero, Zcash and Dash are still focused solely on transactions, meaning that their use-cases are limited.

One of the main projects whose aim is to add a high degree of privacy to more complex computations (Smart Contracts) is Enigma. The development team claims to be “building Enigma to be the privacy layer for the decentralized Web”. More than ever in times like these, this looks like something that is an urgent need. The first more obvious application will be the deployment of agreements between parties combining the tamper-proof nature of Smart Contracts and the privacy protection offered by the Enigma protocol.

Furthermore, Big Data companies analyze an enormous amount of information every second and most of that data could be considered very “sensible” and worth to be protected with a substantial degree of privacy. Some Business-cases should be required to add this privacy layer to their operations, namely companies dealing with pharmaceuticals and genomics, personal data, credit or more generally the Internet of Things.

When Enigma fully deploys their Secret Smart Contract, decentralized applications will be enabled to handle sensitive data significantly reducing the risk of exposing sensitive data to nonauthorized parties. The full potential of this tool will be released in combination with Enigma’s Data Marketplace, which is already live and functional, where that data will be exchanged without risk of compromising its privacy.

The Catalyst

The development team stated that the delay in the deployment of the next Milestone on the Roadmap, Discovery, was caused by the fact that the partners were not ready to act as active nodes. The choice was made to prioritize long-term growth over short-term risks. This release is basically the MVP of Secret Contracts and will mark the full integration of Enigma with the Ethereum Mainnet.

For sure this will be a game changer and will prove the real potential of the project. Additionally, another major stimulus could come from the partnership side. The company relies a lot on stable and reliable partners (the most notable being Intel) and new partners are expected to be added in the coming months.


Coinrule makes cryptocurrency trading tools

Holochain is one of those projects that are so visionary that it is almost impossible to describe them without forgetting to cite some (even crucial) aspect of their essence. We can summarize Holochain as a computing system that enables developers to build any kind of application without requiring any centralized organization. Those applications will run across a peer-to-peer network, whose nodes will be a wide range of devices, including any modern smartphone.

It is important to note that Holochain is not based on Blockchain technology but is much more aligned with traditional peer-to-peer networks such as Tor. Unlike Blockchains which depend on finding a consensus between all nodes on the status of a ledger, Holochain is focused on finding a consensus on the infrastructure and DNA of any given application and then allows users to build this application based on that consensus. As such, Holochain is not data-centric but user-centric, taking a (decentralized) applications-first approach to the problem of ever greater centralization of the internet.

One of the main differences between Holochain and any other crypto-related project lies in the philosophy that stands as its bedrock. Holochain defines itself as a “distributed” network more so than as a “decentralized” protocol for dApps such as Ethereum. While the difference may appear to be small, it is one of the main pillars of the project.

Distributing the computational power across many nodes and letting them act as independent players in the system, Holochain aims to solve the scalability problems that affect Blockchain-based protocols. Just like in old-school peer-to-peer networks, the more applications will be developed on Holochain, the more nodes will have an incentive to participate, and the more computational power will be added to the network, making it faster and more secure.

Another significant difference that distinguishes Holochain from other Blockchain projects is the rejection of consensus mechanisms such as Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake in favor of a de-facto Proof-of-Service approach in which those users that complete tasks for other users get rewarded in Holo Fuel. Around this new “money”, the project expects to build a whole new value-oriented ecosystem and community.

The Catalyst

Once again, just like for other projects, the launch of the Mainnet will mark a crucial moment for Holochain’s development. However, probably more than for other projects, this will also represent an opportunity to demonstrate that the great idea that inspired the Holochain founding team is technically feasible. Perhaps this will come later this year, but in the meantime, the development team is expected to deliver other important milestones.

One of the most important among them is the delivery of the first HoloPorts, specific pre-configured devices that will offer storage and processing power needed by the applications running on the network and which will grant Holo Fuel rewards to their owners. Some of the first applications that will be run will be HoloVault, HoloChat, Fractal Wiki and Errand which will help to grow the already vast and very active Holo Community.

All the tokens I wrote about above can be traded on Binance, and using Coinrule you can enhance your trading experience to a more advanced level!

What is Coinrule

Coinrule allows you to create trading rules that run automatically across your favorite exchanges.
With Coinrule you can easily develop your own trading rules and strategies and set them up to run automatically. It is the “if-this-then-that” for cryptocurrency trading that allows you to plan your crypto trading rather than having to sit for hours in front of charts. Best of all? 

No coding skills are required, meaning anyone can use Coinrule.

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I am not an analyst or investment advisor. Everything that I provide here site is purely for guidance, informational and educational purposes. All information contained in my post should be independently verified and confirmed. I can’t be found accountable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused in reliance upon such information. Please be aware of the risks involved with trading cryptocurrencies. I own positions in the coins cited in the article as part of a broader diversified portfolio of crypto assets.

E-book: Cryptocurrency Trading 101

7 Articles For Navigating The New Crypto Trading Tools. Welcome to Cryptocurrency Trading!

Today I am introducing a collection of Medium posts published by the Coinrule team in the past few months.

If you are starting to get curious about algorithmic trading and feel the need of automatise your strategy or the simple buy/sell orders, then look no further, this is the read for you.

With topics like Cryptocurrency Bots, Decentralised Exchanges, How to Backtest your strategy, or what is the Perfect Trader Toolkit, we got you covered. Have a look a the content Table:

1. Introduction

2. Cryptocurrency Bots Fighting Monopolies

3. Why Algorithms are so important for trading Cryptocurrencies

4. Trading as a Cryptocurrency Killer App

5. De-centralised Exchanges Are The Real Nasdaq.

6. First Rule of Trading: Risk-management. Our backtesting tool

for your trading strategies

7. The Trading Toolbox

8. About Us

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Why Algorithms are so important for trading Cryptocurrencies

As we know here at Coinrule, trading is a tough discipline. Algorithms are just one part of cryptocurrency trading which everyone should know about.

Once one of the most experienced traders I know told me that becoming a good trader also means becoming a better man. That sounded like quite a forced statement, and maybe it was indeed, but one thing that is 100% certain is that Trading needs attitude, commitment, discipline and a lot of study and research.

Nonetheless, every day people all around the world trade financial assets with only one simple goal: BUY LOW, SELL HIGH! And the number of people pursuing this ultimate object is growing fast, thanks to the rise of the new fascinating asset class of Cryptocurrencies. Why?

Because Cryptocurrencies represent the future of Finance and very likely they will disrupt most of the business industries as we know them. Apart from the innovative and revolutionary ideas backing the surge of Cryptocurrencies, this new asset class offers to traders very peculiar features compared to “traditional” financial assets. Modern Financial Markets can be analyzed from two opposite points of view: the Fundamental and Technical. Some traders use only the former, some only the latter, some others use a mix of these two approaches.

Cryptocurrencies are a totally new asset class, there are not enough models or frameworks that can help assign to them not even an estimate of a “real value”, it’s almost impossible to analyze them using classic Fundamental Analysis just because in most cases the economics behind them are too different from traditional companies, and even if there would be similarities in the level of public information about them, it would be often not fully reliable or too weak to formulate a complete assessment of them.

On the other hand, the very same Crypto asset can trade on many different venues and exchanges so that traders can have plenty of price-related data to analyze. Some could say that just from analyzing how a price moves in time, we can infer about the development of the balance of forces between Demand and Offer, which are the ultimate drivers of any price movement. And there comes the great useful implementation of Technical Analysis to trade crypto assets.

The importance of this aspect is often not underlined enough. Since most of the people that trade Cryptocurrencies are involving Technical Assets backed strategies, this makes the likelihood of the unfolding of a price pattern higher. Simply put, most of the time, price goes in one direction only because most of the traders think that it will go in that very direction. If the major part of the traders in one market will start to buy, the price will go up. DEMAND AND OFFER, seen in this way, trading isn’t that difficult, is it?

So what makes trading so difficult? The human nature, emotions and feelings can be the worst enemies for a trader. Every cryptocurrency trader can have a different reaction in front of the same price movement: fear, euphoria, greed and disillusion are feelings that a trader can experience even in the same day and that will have a pretty negative effect on his or her capabilities of taking rational decisions.

That’s why a trading bot has the potential of improving significantly your trading results if you are already an experienced trader, or it can provide an easy way to get into trading as a beginner.

"The market does not know if you are long or short and could not care less. You are the only one emotionally involved with your position. The market is just reacting to supply and demand and if you are cheering it one way, there is always somebody else cheering it just as hard that it will go the other way." Marty Schwartz

This is Coinrule main goal, to make cryptocurrency trading more effective while easier. The markets run 24/7, all around the globe so it’s impossible to fully exploit its potentials without a trading algorithm that takes care of your positions, even when you sleep!

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A collaborative roadmap

Coinrule is a beginner-friendly platform to send automated trading instructions to your favourite exchanges.

Cryptocurrency markets run 24/7, all around the globe, so it’s impossible to fully exploit its potentials without a trading algorithm that takes care of your positions, even when you sleep. 

The Coinrule blog is here to engage with the community around our platform and to communicate product releases straight from our product team.

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