How To Trade With RSI – The Best Every-Day Technical Indicator

One of the most common questions from first-time Trades is: what is the perfect trading indicator? The perfect trading indicator, unfortunately, doesn’t exist. Each trader’s preferences, the time frame, and the market conditions have a direct impact on the choice of the best indicator to employ in a trading strategy. When it comes to selecting trading indicators, I like to make things simple. Fancy and advanced trading indicators can give you high accuracy in specific…

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Algorithmic Trading Team

Life of a Trader Series: Chris Haslam

One of the things we care about the most at Coinrule is our users. We like to engage with them. Their personal and subjective point of view often provides very insightful feedback that we take into consideration for the development of new features or improvement of those already available. Here is a conversation we had a few days ago with Chris Haslam. We met Chris last year when our alpha version was not even released…

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