E-book: Cryptocurrency Trading 101

7 Articles For Navigating The New Crypto Trading Tools. Welcome to Cryptocurrency Trading!

Today I am introducing a collection of Medium posts published by the Coinrule team in the past few months.

If you are starting to get curious about algorithmic trading and feel the need of automatise your strategy or the simple buy/sell orders, then look no further, this is the read for you.

With topics like Cryptocurrency Bots, Decentralised Exchanges, How to Backtest your strategy, or what is the Perfect Trader Toolkit, we got you covered. Have a look a the content Table:

1. Introduction

2. Cryptocurrency Bots Fighting Monopolies

3. Why Algorithms are so important for trading Cryptocurrencies

4. Trading as a Cryptocurrency Killer App

5. De-centralised Exchanges Are The Real Nasdaq.

6. First Rule of Trading: Risk-management. Our backtesting tool

for your trading strategies

7. The Trading Toolbox

8. About Us

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Coinrule is a beginner-friendly platform to send automated trading instructions to your favourite exchanges.

Cryptocurrency markets run 24/7, all around the globe, so it’s impossible to fully exploit its potentials without a trading algorithm that takes care of your positions, even when you sleep. 

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