Coinrule is a trading-rule editor for crypto currency traders of various levels of expertise.

With Coinrule you can easily develop your own trading rules and strategies and set them up to run automatically. It is the “if-this-then-that” for cryptocurrency trading that allows you to plan your crypto trading rather than having to sit for hours in front of charts. Best of all? No coding skills are required, meaning anyone can use Coinrule.

Coinrule was founded by Gabriel and Oleg. We are a team of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts who found that trading cryptocurrency is unnecessarily complicated. Our backgrounds are in banking, fintech, user experience and back-end technologies. All of us have previously built companies and discovered the ‘magic’ of crypto over the past 3 years.

We are committed both to crypto traders and the wider Blockchain community as we believe in the possibilities that the technology brings for a greater decentralization of wealth and power, a more open internet, and much more beyond.

Over the past years, Cryptocurrency trading has evolved into one of the killer-apps of Blockchain. By adding liquidity to previously illiquid asset classes such as early-stage tech companies, but also to sectors such as supply-chains, real estate and many more, cryptocurrency trading has enabled an immense process of wealth creation. While speculation might occasionally be seen critically, it’s role in asset price discovery is critical for any market and ultimately adds significant value to all market participants. But traders need the right instruments to make it happen - and this is where Coinrule comes in!

Happy trading from London.

The Coinrule Team info(at]coinrule[dot)io